Escort Photographer Profile: Whitepoint Boudoir Photography

If you’re lucky enough to live in or around Melbourne, we’ve found an amazing escort photographer you have to check out. Carmen, the lady behind the lens at Whitepoint Boudoir Photography, is a German gal with years of experience capturing beautiful images. Read on for her best tips and a sneak peek at some of her killer photos.


Q: How did you get involved in photography? What made you interested in boudoir and lingerie shoots?

A: I got my trade certificate in Germany in 1995 and had the pleasure of working for the best studio in Germany at a time where I was able to learn and be part of the transition from film to digital. Everything every one is doing today in Photoshop I’m also trained to do in the darkroom and I love everything to do with photography.

My second education is in high-end retouching and I’ve doing this for a long time — since Photoshop 2 came out  in the late 90s. I have quite a big portfolio in different industries, from corporate to products to wedding, babies, and families, and, of course, boudoir. Back in the 1980s we called them glamour shots and they were super cheesy.

It’s very common to do a boudoir photoshoot  in Germany and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had one done at least once. It was quite uncommon in Australia when I moved here in 2003, but thanks to the fame of Burlesque, it’s has become quite commonplace here now, too.

I always liked photographing women, its just so much fun and interesting to meet all these amazing people and personalities. I always feel very close to my clients and am very excited to see them come back for more and have fun. I do believe everyone feels very comfortable and at ease quickly with me, and I only have female staff who fit with me and my environment.


Q: What should adult entertainers look for in a professional photographer?

A: You’re looking for a professional photographer who’s not only professional about equipment, knowledge, business practices, and values, but also gives you the option of negotiating copyright permissions. As a rule, the copyright of an image remains the property of the photographer, but due to the nature of the industry you need to be able to either restrict the usage of the images or be able to purchase the copyright.

Keep your clients in mind not what you personally like. Keep in mind what you want to achieve with your photos. Look for guidance from your photographer on balancing what you would like to achieve with your photographs and what your clients will like.

Show skin and sexy poses, but not too much as your goal is to encourage your clients to call you to see more. A skilled photographer in the field will help you find that balance.

Look for a photographer who will help you choose your final images. She/He is way more objective than you. It’s also not a bad idea to get the opinion of friends or colleagues.


Q: What questions should they ask potential photographers?

A: Will you let me decide how much or little retouching you do?

What is your turnaround time and do you have a fast turnaround option?

Can I restrict the copyright usage — for example, I don’t want my face visible in the public domain. Can I purchase the copyright outright? Do I get a written contract detailing copyright and package inclusions?

If I want to purchase more images later, how long do you keep the images on archive?


Q: What mistakes do you often see entertainers making in their photos?

Showing too little (too many clothes on) and being too conservative.

Having to much retouching done. If you don’t look like the pictures at all, you’ll get disappointed clients and a bad reputation. At least have the professional photos retouched to whatever degree you like, but then have lots of “all natural” selfies to show as well.

Too much repetition. Get creative and have variation in your portfolio and not just the same poses repeated.


Q: What tips would you give them for taking great photos?

A: Less is more (focus on showing off your assets).

Keep updating and expanding your repertoire.

Have your hair and makeup done professionally (even if you don’t show your face, at least get your hair and lips done).

Work on your flexibility and do movements in extremes (most poses look easy and natural but are in actual fact super uncomfortable).

Be patient, as most images are only great because the light is perfect. Each pose often needs its own lighting.

Be confident and just try different looks and see what suits you best.

Thank you so much, Carmen! What great tips. To learn more about Whitepoint Photography, make sure to visit their website.

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