Escort Website Hosting Debunked

‘Hosting’ translated from tech-talk basically means ‘Putting your website online’ ie if a company is ‘hosting’ your website it means that they are putting it on the world wide web for everyone to be able to access.

The main commodities described in hosting are ‘space’ and ‘bandwidth’. ‘Space’ is the amount of room that you get (in MB or GB) on the server for your website. In other words, you might get 1GB of space on the server to house your website. The reason you need space is because your website files and photos all takes up room! ‘Bandwidth’ on the other hand, refers to how much data is transferred from your website on the server to your website visitor’s home computers, eg 1GB/month of bandwidth means that 1GB worth of data can be transferred from your site to your visitors computers. For example if your website took up 100MB of space on the server, it could be viewed in its entirety 10 times (100MB x 10 downloads = 1GB of bandwidth). If someone comes along after all your bandwidth has been used up, your host will likely take your website offline or charge you exorbitant fees for going over your limit.

A third aspect of hosting that is relevant to your escort website is email addresses. Most hosts limit the number of email addresses you can have. These will be style email addresses that look professional.

As part of our premium subscriptions at, we offer unlimited space, bandwidth and email addresses. We do this to keep things as simple as possible. We understand you may want 100 high quality photos on your site, so we give unlimited space. We understand you want as many visitors as possible viewing your site and never want it to be offline, so we give you unlimited bandwidth. We understand you may want pro email addresses for your site, so we give unlimited email addresses.

Excuse the marketing spiel at the end but I hope this clears up some of the techno-talk you’ll hear when looking to host your escort website!

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