Escort website hosting… and why you need it

Today I’ll be running through a quick beginners guide to what website hosting is and why you need it if you want to have a website on the internet.
Website hosting provides storage space and bandwidth space for you to store your web pages. This allows your web pages to be viewed by anyone on the internet at any time. It is just like renting a shop space in a mall to sell your products, except rather than having a physical address like 1234 Walnut Blvd, your website has a virtual address called a Domain Name. Our domain name is so anyone who types that into their internet browser like internet explorer is going to be taken to our website.

Hosting services can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for and many companies will try to sell you hosting packages that are more than what you need. The amount of storage space your website needs depends on the size of your website and the amount of bandwidth space you need depends on the number of visitors your website receives. To begin with your website will likely be only small in size, even if you have 100s of photos and the number of visitors to your site is also going to be fairly low until you start advertising and marketing. Both of these facts means you should start out with a fairly small plan and it is always easy to upgrade if your site outgrows the plan.
As an escort, another issue you may face is a hosting provider who charges a premium for hosting your website because it is adult-related, this is merely a form of discrimination and you should steer clear of these companies.
We provide free unlimited size and bandwidth hosting to all customers so if you are having issues finding a suitable host, I can help you out or point you in the right direction of a good host.

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