Escorts Protect Your Identity Now

It troubles me to see so many providers working hard to protect your identity by blurring your face or hiding it in photos but then make the biggest mistake of all… Registering their domain non-anonymously. Many of you may not realize but there are simple ways of checking who owns a certain domain name so if you registered your name there is a big chance your details (website address included) is out there for anyone to check.

To see if your personal details are secure please visit then search for your domain name (remember a domain name does not contain any http:// or / at the end, eg our domain name is simply and not

If your details are not hidden then you will have to contact your registrar about getting the details hidden (ask if they offer ‘domains by proxy’). Unfortunately this option is not available for, and other country-based domains so the only way to hide your personal details would be to have a company register the domain for you. This fact alone is why we recommend our clients to register with .com or another domain that offers private registration, then when registering the domains the client details remain hidden like this:hidden-domain-registration

As you can see there are no personal details here, the Arizona address belongs to and their domains by proxy service. If you have any trouble checking your domain just shoot me an email or message me on twitter and I’ll give you a hand. Remember your safety and security has to come first!

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