Feeling Chatty? Try Out the New Escort Design Forum!

We’re on a roll over here at Escort Design! We’ve kept our tech team chained to their desks in the ED basement, working night and day to produce some great new features for you. After launching our brand new Responsive themes and the sexy Angelina template┬álast week, we couldn’t stop there. This week, we’re proud to present our redesigned Clients-Only Forum.


Gone is our clunky old forum that required you to log in separately and — we hate to say it — looked like it should be wearing a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit (Come on, you know you had one!).

Your new sleek and streamlined home-away-from-home is fully responsive (like our new templates!), which means it looks and works great on any mobile device. So next time you’re on the go and need some advice from a fellow provider, hop onto the forum on your smartphone. It’s totally integrated into your Site Builder, so no need to log in separately.

The Escort Design forum is the perfect place to compare marketing tips with other providers, ask for advice, or just make new friends. Our support staff is also around, so feel free to mosey on over to the Support and Features Request room and ask questions, give us your website wish list, or just gab with our team.

Don’t let Zak (the ED founder and marketing master) and Tim (our support team leader) get lonely! Come and say hi and make some new friends.

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