Four ways to use Twitter polls to increase calls

Back in 2015 Twitter introduced polls to our timelines. This nifty little tool is a creative way for brands and businesses owners, like you, to understand their audience. If you haven’t yet started to use polls, best you get started! And to help you along, we’ve put together four ways to use Twitter polls to increase your calls.

If you haven’t set one up yet, it’s really easy. Simply click on the same icon you do to create a tweet. At the bottom (where you would click to add an image), click on the poll option, your screen should change slightly. Add in your question and your options as well as how long you want the poll to last and then hit the tweet button. After your poll has run its course, you will get a notification with the results.

Now that you know the how, here’s the why:

  1. Get to know what your followers want. This is probably the most obvious use for Twitter polls but also the most important; you now have the ability to literally get inside your followers minds and find out what their fantasies. Once you know this, you can set business plans in motion to take your findings from results to actions.
  2. Promote your services in a different way. Instead of the same ol’ same ol’ advert that followers are probably getting tired of, you can use the interactive polls to draw attention to your services, or even tours to a different town. For example, ask what you should wear to your meet up and give a few sexy options. Your followers will definitely like this, plus they will be reminded of where you will be for a few days.
  3. Get opinions and find out preferences. This sort of ties in with the first point, but Twitter polls are a great way to get your followers to tell you about their favorite products, be it sex toys, underwear or places to go on a date.
  4. Don’t forget hashtags. Tweeting a poll doesn’t mean that you can’t use a hashtag to gain more traction. A great idea is to put up a poll during an event, a great example could be the Superbowl or a finale of a super popular TV show. These sort of things always have a hashtag that goes along with it.

See how valuable polls can be? Just remember to keep it fun, relevant and to always be consistent. Now go on and create your first Twitter poll.

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