How to Market Your Free Sensual Massage Site

free sensual massage site from Escort Design

Getting a free sensual massage site from Escort Design is the first step to getting more clients and building your business. It can be time-consuming to add photos and text, and you may want to stop there…but a little extra work will go a long way to helping potential clients find your site! It’s kind of like trying to attract ants by leaving a cookie on the kitchen counter. Sure, eventually they’ll find the cookie, and they’ll go crazy! (Ant invasion!) But it works even faster if you break up the cookie and leave little bits outside your front door, back door, windows, and so forth. It’s a gross analogy, I know, but multiple traffic sources sooner is better than a single trail later, right?

With your free sensual massage site, you want to do the same thing – link to your site from multiple other places to boost traffic. Before you do that, though, you need to optimize your site so it’s easy to find (or bake an amazing cookie, if you will). In the same vein as marketing a free dominatrix site, you want to get inside the mind of your clients and use keywords and phrases they search for. Did they find you by Googling “[your city] sensual massage” or a phrase involving your hair color, body type, or ethnicity rather than your location?

sensual massage site

However they’re finding you (or how you want them to find you), make sure you use those terms on your sensual massage site’s main page, “About” page, and more, as naturally as possible. In the above example, Lola is assuming her clients search for variations on “London sensual massage.”

Once your free sensual massage site naturally incorporates your key phrases without artificially stuffing them into every text box, get yourself some links! Add a link to your sensual massage site in your profiles on ECCIE, TER, Naughty Reviews, My Redbook, or wherever you have profiles. This will help Google recognize your new site more quickly and hopefully boost your ranking in search results. Use the Marketing tab in the Escort Design site builder for ideas of where to create free profiles or place ads. As always, get in touch with us if you have questions!

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