Friendly Competition

What do you think of your competition? If you’re jealous of them and refuse to do business or reach out then you’ll be the one suffering.

At a basic level, link trading is one of the best ways to get your site traffic through google.. If you are very cautious about who you trade links with and try to avoid your competition you’re shooting yourself in the foot. While just getting started with your marketing it’s very much a numbers game – the more links you can get to your site the better!

If you reach out to all your competition to trade links you will no doubt get a positive response from some of them. In this way you are differentiating yourself from the pack. If you’re friendly with your competition and trading links with them all, how many more links is your site going to have than those who never approach competitors for agreements.

But this idea runs deeper than just agreeing to trade links. The internet is a lonely place. Filled with lonely people working solo with a screen for company (why do you think people check facebook so regularly? We strive for human connection). I know I appreciate it when I get contacted by my competitors, we always tend to have a lot in common. Why not start reaching out to your competition to turn them into friends. Although we might tell ourselves otherwise, there’s much more to be gained from forging alliances than trying to do it all on your own.

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