Get more bookings with Instagram Stories

Yesterday, we spoke about Snapchat and how to use it to increase your escort business, this week we are all about Instagram Stories, a new feature by the ever popular social media platform, Instagram.
Instagram has over 500 million users, just read that again, 500 million users. That’s a lot of people! And now with the added bonus of Instagram Stories, it has become even more popular.

One of the reasons brands are choosing to use Instagram Stories over Snapchat is because if you have a business account (as opposed to a personal one, just go to your settings to change this) then you can view your analytics of not only your posts, but also your stories. Super helpful!  Today we are going to share our top three ways to smash the Instagram Stories game and in turn, increase your bookings.

  1. Give your followers a behind the scenes experience, it will make them feel like they are a personal friend and instil a sense of trust. This can be anything from getting ready for a date to just an average day in your life, the options are endless.
  2. Send people to your website to book. If you have over 10 000 followers, you will be able to use the very sought after swipe up function. If you still need to reach that amount of followers, you can add a caption to your story saying something along the lines of “book your experience via the link in my bio”. Make sure that the video or image that you are using is one that will, without a doubt, catch follower’s attention and want to book with you.
  3. Engage with your followers via a live stream. Use your stories to say that you are going to be doing a live stream on xyz date at xyz time. When it’s time for your live stream, it’s your chance to really tease your followers and encourage them to make a booking with you. Engaging with them may be the final push that they need to do so, so make sure that you put your best foot forward.

Instagram stories also has a fab function to run a poll as well as really fun stickers and filters so get creative and watch those booking roll in.

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