Hashtags for escorts: how to use them effectively

Most of us just hashtag away, hoping for the best, but you can actually be a whole lot more strategic with your hashtags, bringing more engagement to your social media platforms. In this article we will discuss exactly that plus give you one or two resources that are sure to help.

If you’ve been living under a bit of a rock and aren’t too sure what a hashtag is, it’s pretty simple. A hashtag is a way to categorize your content on social media by adding a # in front of a word. For example, when we tweet, we always use #escortwebsite and #escortdesign. If you were to go to Twitter and type in one of those hashtags into your search bar, our profile would come up a lot, as well as a bunch of other related profiles.

So how do you create a hashtag? It’s ridiculously simple! All you need to do is type out a keyword that fits the niche that you are in and add # in front of it. You can put these in the beginning, middle or end of your tweet, whichever you prefer.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, here are 4 tips to make sure that you use your hashtags in the most effective way possible.

  1. Check if the hashtag that you want to use still gains traction. There’s no use using a keyword and it isn’t really recognized or used anymore, so make sure to do your research!
    It’s easy enough, just search for the hashtag on Twitter and see if anything current comes up.
  2. Make sure that the hashtag that you want to use is in line with your service and niche. It wouldn’t really make sense for you to use hashtags related to baking, would it? You’d attract the wrong target market. Download an app like Tagomatic or search Pinterest for the best hashtags for your niche.
  3. Use your hashtag everywhere. If you have a specific hashtag for your brand (like ours is #escortdesign), make sure to incorporate it where ever you can, such as newsletters and
    other social media platforms.
  4. Keep it short and sweet. If you create a hashtag, don’t let it become long winded. Remember, there are only a certain amount of characters available on Twitter and you want to use the majority of them to convey your message.

And that’s how you use hashtags on Twitter!

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