How Are Your Admirers Finding You?

Last week we showed you that setting up Google Analytics for your escort website is an important way to determine how well your advertising is working. But once you’ve started tracking your website, now what? Well, now you can see how your admirers are finding you, which can help you determine if your advertising is working. Here’s how:

If you post ads on directories and classifieds, use Facebook, and tweet, you’re probably getting traffic to your website from all of these sources, which is called “referrals”. But unless you take a peek at your analytics, you probably have no idea which website is sending the most traffic to you. To find out, log into your Google Analytics account. Once you get to your dashboard, click on Acquisition> All Traffic > Referrals.



You’ll then see a list of all the websites that your admirers are coming from. You won’t see admirers who just come directly to your website, but you’ll see how many are coming from Twitter, Backpage, etc. You’ll also be able to see really useful info like how many visits did each site generate, how many pages did those admirers go to on your site, and how long they spent on your site on average.

Using this information, you may see that one site you list on only sent you a few visitors, while another sent you a bunch. Or you may see that even though you’re spending half your day tweeting about your website, Twitter is only sending you a few page views. Use this information to help you determine how best to promote your website so you’re not flying blind.

Stay tuned for more Google Analytics tutorials for escorts, coming soon!

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