How Do I Get Other Escort Sites Linking To Me?

Is a question I get asked all the time. For those who haven’t been reading this blog long, there’s a definite art to getting links pointing to your site.

The answer to this question is the difference between ranking at the top of google and languishing with no traffic. I can’t emphasise enough how important getting links to your site is for your traffic & google rankings.

Friendly competition with your fellow escorts is a win-win. You’re both helping one another rank well in google, those among you who aren’t generous with their links will lose in this race.

So in case you haven’t got the gist yet, the answer to this question starts out with how do I add links to MY escort site? We’ve taken the hard work out of that process and once you’ve got it sorted it’s time to find link trading partners.

It all starts with an introduction and the proposition, proposition of a link trade that is. Ask in a demanding or annoying way and most sensible webmasters will suggest a less constructive place you can shove your link. Only they’re too busy to write that, so you’ll just get no reply and wonder why you’re being ignored.

Keeping track of the 1000 escort sites you asked for links is important. Bombarding the same escort with 30 copy-pasted emails will get you the same treatment as above. Oh, and I wasn’t joking about the 1000 sites either. It’s a numbers game. The more you ask (politely!), the more links you’ll get.

Finding escort sites to trade links with is another aspect of the art that is link trading. If you want to get that list of 1000 people to contact then you’ll need a few tricks along the way to find the most valuable trading partners.

If you don’t have 30mins a day to spend trawling through the net for sites you want links from then you should outsource it. Don’t let any SEO company confuse you with big words. Tell them you want links from escort sites and work out a payment system that’ll have them see $$ only when they succeed in that.

As always, the private forum‘s the best place to ask me questions about your site’s marketing. Not a member? Signup for the best free escort website going ’round!

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