How Does Your Escort Website Look On The iPad?


Recently apple announced they have sold three million iPads in 80 days, this is a revolution in computing. One of the most profound changes the iPad brings is the way people consume the internet. Not only can you now comfortably lie in bed or on the couch to browse the web but the 3G version allows you to conveniently browse the web practically anywhere (try comfortably working from your laptop the next time you’re in a taxi). I believe the number of people browsing the internet from tablet computers in the near future is only going to increase as the idea catches on.

Seeing as escort-related searches are massive, we can only assume that as time goes on people are going to be looking for escorts using their iPad. Thankfully the iPad browser is awesome so if your site looks good on a normal computer it’ll most likely be fine on the iPad.

Here’s a screenshot from one of our client websites, all of our escort template designs are iPad compliant and will show up much the same as on any other computer:


Flash Support (or lack of)

Flash + iPad/iPhone = shit mix. Flash won’t show up on the iPad so if you have flash elements on your page like a logo or in the case of the Escort Design Homepage, a video then this is what happens:


As you can see our video does not show up at all! To remedy this we’ll probably upload the video to youtube or vimeo and embed it this way when we get the chance.

If that fantastic animated website you’ve just had created is 100% flash based then you pretty much don’t exist as far as your iPad users are concerned. Here’s how a flash-based website looks on the iPad:


Your iPad traffic

If you want to check how many people are using the iPad to browse your website, just follow the steps to tracking your escort website traffic I mention here and signup to google analytics. Once inside just use the left menu to navigate to your mobile users and you’ll see a list like the one below. At the moment the iPad will only make up a small portion of your traffic but considering they are probably people with a high amount of disposable income, it’s probably in your best interests to make sure your site caters to them.

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