How Social Media Can Help You Rank Higher in Google

Welcome back to our Escort SEO series. We hope you’ve found our previous posts on how metadata and your escort blog can help improve your search engine ranking. Today, let’s dive into how social media can help your escort website SEO.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you probably know how important social media can be to marketing your business. But did you know that social media can also help improve your Google ranking? Here’s how:

Add Links Back to Your Website

We’ve talked a lot about how having links back to your website can improve your overall SEO. Links from your blog, from other escorts’ websites, and from your escort ads all help. But social media links help, too!

If you have a Twitter account and link back to your escort blog in a tweet, that’s linking back to your website. Every time you tweet one of your blog posts, that’s a link back to your website. Retweets are another link back! Every link helps.

Social Media Ranking May Help

This is a bit of a gray area, but it’s thought that the better and more active your social media presence, the higher Google ranks your content. There’s been some debate back and forth whether or not this is true, but it can’t hurt, right? Social media has become more and more important for any business, so putting a little effort into your online presence is sure to pay off.

Show Up Twice in Google

If you search for a business that has social media (or a person), chances are you’ll see multiple results for that business when you search for them — you’ll usually see their business website, plus their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Showing up more than once in search results is a win since that’s double the chance someone will click on your link.

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