How to Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Escort Site

Now that you know how to add a YouTube Subscribe button to your adult entertainer site, let’s figure out how to add a Facebook Like button. With just a few steps you can easily have your admirers Liking you.

Facebook provides some info on how to add a Like button to your website. But for those of us without a lot of tech skills (me, me, me!), they can be a little scary. Fortunately, someone helped us out by creating an awesome website that’s sole purpose is to create the code for you. Sweet!

It only takes a few easy steps to get the correct code. Let’s quickly go through them. First, go to Enter your site’s url in the url field and click the Facebook-Button option.


Next, select how you’d like your Facebook Like button to look. I personally like the first option, so I clicked on that.


Click on the generate my code! button (1) to generate the correct code. Then copy what shows up in the box (2). You’ll need it to add the Like button to your site.


Now log into your Escort Design Site Builder and decide which page you’d like it to be on. Let’s add it to my About page. First, click the </> button to show the source code (1). Paste the code you copied after any text you already have on the page (2). Then click the Update Page button (3) to add the Like Button to your page.


Ta-da! That’s it. Here’s what it looks like:


You can add the Like button to any page of your escort website using the same easy steps.

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