How to Add a Music Player to Your Escort Website

We’ve had some requests lately to share how to add a music player to your adult entertainer website. Looking to add a little ambience to your online world? It’s really easy! Here’s how to add a music player to any page of your Escort Design website:

Pick a music site that allows you to share tracks or channels — we used SoundCloud. Find the track or channel you want to put on your site and find the share option. Once you click on that, you should be able to find the embed code. Each site will look a little different, but here’s what it looks like on SoundCloud:


Once you click share, click on Embed (1) to get to the embed code. Make any changes you want to the color of the buttons or other settings (2), then copy the embed code (3). Once you have your embed code, log into your Escort Design site builder, go to the page where you want your player to live, and click on Advanced.


That will open up your Advanced options. Now all you need to do is paste that embed code you copied into the Custom Code box and click the green Update button.


And here’s how the player will look on your site:

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