How to Add a Watermark to Your Escort Photos

If you’ve spent the time to take and upload great escort photos to your site, you don’t want a photo thief to turn around and steal them. Unfortunately, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to copy someone else’s pictures and use them on your website. Adding a watermark to your photos is an easy way to brand your pictures, preventing photo thieves from using them elsewhere.

If you use a professional photographer to take your escort photos, ask her to add one to your images. If you took your own images, it’s easy to add your own. On a desktop, you can use a free website like PickMarkr to add a watermark to your escort photo.


Add your name, your website url, or a logo to the middle (or top, bottom, or side) of your photo. Or tile over the entire image:


If you’re taking your escort images on your smartphone, you can also use an app like iWatermark or It’s My Photo. Just snap your pic, add your watermark, and upload it to your Escort Design website, all from your phone!

There are also other easy things besides adding a watermark that you can do to keep anyone from stealing your photos. Check out our previous post on how to protect your escort site’s content.


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  • tk

    1) it’s totally free, only 1 mg in size
    2) no risking online sites that take *full* rights of your all your pics you upload to use/edit (yea – READ THEIR FINE PRINT, FOLKS)
    3) can modify your pic and watermarks any time you want. no “online” or “offline” only!


    • Thanks for the suggestion Tk!
      Irfanview is another good option for
      our windows users out there.