How to Add an FAQ to Your Escort Website

A common request we get for new features is an FAQ page for your adult entertainer website. But did you know you can already add one at any time? Your website automatically comes with a custom, blank page that you can use for whatever you want. Here’s how to turn that blank canvas into a personalized FAQ page:

When you go to the Pages tab of your site builder, you’ll see there’s a Custom page listed at the bottom of your list of pages. This is your blank page and will remain unpublished until you decide to turn it on.


To customize your page, click on the Custom tab in the left-hand nav. You can change the page title by clicking on the automatic Custom title. A text box will open up for you to type in. You can also customize the Menu Title and add whatever text you want on the page. Just make sure to click the Publish page toggle button and the green Update button to save your changes and publish your page.


That’s it! And here’s how your new FAQ will look on your site.


If you want to change the order of your pages so your FAQ shows up before one of your other pages, go to the All Pages tab in the left-hand nav. Click on the gray bar icon next to Custom and simply drag and drop the page where you want it to be.


It’ll now show up in that order in your Menu.



Have a features request or want to see more tutorials? Post your requests in the comments! 

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