How To Assess Escort Link Quality For SEO

Now that you are managing your own escort site, adding links and getting traffic it’s time to take things to the next level. Although any link pointing to your site is better than none, not all links are made equal. Here are a few of the basics in link quality. Next time you get offered a link from another site, check the following:

Google PageRank (PR)

This is the ranking between nothing and 10 that google gives every site on the internet. If you feel like boring yourself to death read more about PageRank but if you just keep in mind a few points you’ll be set, in general:

  • Higher PageRank means that a site has more links pointing to it and google thinks the site is more credible than a site of lower PageRank
  • You and a competitor have 2 sites with similar content and number of pages trying to rank for same keywords. The one with higher PageRank wins and shows up higher for those keywords
  • The PageRank number is determined by the number of websites that link to you and the PageRank of those links, so a site with a lot of links (especially from sites with high PageRank) will, in turn have a higher PageRank
  • One PR2 link is not equal to two PR1 links, it’s a logarithmic scale so it’s more like 10xPR1 links = 1xPR2 link

The best way to check the PageRank of different sites is to download the firefox browser and install the Search Status Toolbar – then you’ll see the number in your bottom right corner. Keep in mind that for a small site a PR of 2 or 3 is decent, no one in the adult industry will have a PR of greater than 5.

Number of outbound links

You’ve been offered a link from a PR1 page, excellent! You then find the page has 500 other links on that page, not so excellent… :( The PR of a page gets divided up between all of the links that are on that page, so if 2 pages have the same PR but one has less outbound links on it then that is the one you’d prefer the link on.

Nofollow tag added to link

Even if you manage to get your link on a site, there are tricks a webmaster can do to prevent that link from passing on the PR juice. Thankfully the Search Status firefox toolbar I mentioned above also has a nifty function “highlight nofollow links”. This will highlight in red any link that has the “nofollow” tag added to it, if your link is one of these then don’t be fooled by the value you are seemingly getting from a link.

Without going into too much detail, webmasters can also add a tag to their meta information that does the same as the above except for every single link on a page. View the source of a page and keep an eye out for:


The “nofollow” means that once again you aren’t getting the link juice from your link being on that page.

Link text

What’s google’s main goal when they are coming up with their search results? They want the person conducting the search to be presented with the most relevant results from credible websites. This means you have to get links pointing to your site that use the keywords that you want to rank for. So if you are trying to rank for “New York Escort Agency” you’d better make sure you have some links to your site with those exact words! If you get 1000 links to your site from a completely irrelevant site that uses keywords you aren’t trying to rank for then they’re pretty much worthless.

Forget your banner

A banner might look awesome and attract a lot of attention if it’s in the right place (probably not if it’s on a page with 100 other flashing banners) but unfortunately it doesn’t pass on any link juice. So although they may be great for getting traffic directly, they are useless as far as SEO is concerned. A text link that uses your keywords is going to be a much better option and the person giving it to you probably prefers it to a banner anyway.

Now fix your link strategy

Now you know a little about link quality, there’s a few things you should do to optimize the time you spend trying to get links to your site. Target websites with higher PR, low outbound links, related to your site (yes, competitors are a great place to get relevant links so suck it up and offer to trade links) and make sure they link to you using a text link that includes the keywords you want to rank for. Good luck!

Please note: These steps will help you get better links for your website SEO so you can rank better in search engines like google. Obviously if you have a huge banner link on a high-traffic website that is going to provide value in the extra visitors it brings you directly, in which case the above rules don’t really apply.

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