How To Create An Escort Website

An escort website has become a central part of escort marketing. It’s a central place where you can direct your clients from the myriad of advertisements you place around the web. Do the right search engine optimisation and you’ll eventually be able to pickup clients for free through google.

But I’m sure if you’ve found this post you already know why you want an escort website. If you want to get a free escort site up within the next few minutes, stop reading now and signup. For those who want more info, let me answer the most common questions about creating an escorting website:

What is web hosting?


Web hosting is the way websites get put online for everyone to access through their web browser. The internet is essentially a bunch of computers connected together through huge networks. Hosting is like renting space on one of the computers on this worldwide network. Every time someone views your website, they’re downloading it from this computer you are renting space from.

Hosting providers offer these rental plans with different amounts of space and bandwidth. Space refers to how much space your website takes up on their server’s hard drive. Bandwidth is the amount of times your website can be downloaded in a month. If you had a 100mb website, then your site had 100 visitors in a month that viewed all your site’s content, your bandwidth would be 100mb x 100 (# of visitors) = 10,000Mb (10GB).

In addition to space and bandwidth, the price of hosting is dependent on where servers are located and how fast they can deliver your website to visitors. Also keep in mind that not all hosts (particularly US-based) will be happy to have your escort site on their servers. Make sure you check beforehand or you may be breaching terms of service and lose your site!

We’re able to offer free, unlimited escort hosting with all of our websites. Before you accuse me of anything nasty, here’s how we include free hosting with our escort websites.

What is a domain name?


A domain name is your website’s online address. eg our domain name is Anyone can enter your domain name into their web browser and reach your site. Domain names are rented on a yearly basis through registrars like Godaddy.

It’s of vital importance that you register an escort domain with privacy protection. Unless you want all your personal info (name, address, phone number) to be publicly accessible. There have even been horror stories where escorts have been discovered because when their real name is searched in google, their domain name displays. Make sure you protect yourself before registering any domain.

Our premium website subscriptions come with free domain names, registered privately. Free users get a subdomain to use as their web address eg

How can I edit my escort website?

This is one of the most important ¬†aspects of creating an escort website. There’s no use getting a stunning website if a week later you change your phone number and your clients can’t find you. Make sure you consider how hard it will be to update your website.

A content management system (CMS) is the way around this issue. It’s an interface that allows you to log in and update content across your site. All are not created equal. Some will be a nightmare to use, while others, a breeze. One of the greatest benefits of a CMS is that you can login from literally any computer equipped with the internet around the world and update your site.

What you want in a CMS is something that’s easy to use. Allows editing of most of your site’s content, from photos to text and everything in between. If you’re buying one to host yourself, consider the cost of maintenance.

The CMS was designed from the ground up for independents and escort agencies. Used by thousands of escorts globally, you can have peace of mind about it’s reliability.

Good luck creating your escort website! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me (even if you’re not a client of mine).

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