How to Find a Great Escort Photographer

Having recent and professional photos on your escort website is essential for your business. But it can often to be hard to find a reputable escort photographer who not only takes beautiful photographs, but also knows the industry. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you find a great escort photographer in your area.

Ask Other Escorts

Your fellow providers are often your best resource for sharing inside tips. Have you seen some killer escort photos on someone else’s site? Ask who took them! Most providers are happy to pass along the name of a great photographer. Just shoot them a quick email complimenting their beautiful shots and ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing who took them. They’ll be flattered and probably willing to help you out. And you may just make a new friend in the industry while you’re at it. You can also use the Escort Design forum to connect with other providers.

If they don’t want to pass on the information, sometimes you can find the photographer’s watermark in a discreet place on the photograph, which may help you find them if it includes the photographer’s name.

Look on Twitter

You’ve probably noticed that your Twitter feed is a very visual place. (Not on Twitter? Find out why you should be). Adding a sexy snapshot to your tweet is the perfect way to get attention. And users often post shots from their latest photo shoots or past favorites. If you follow others in the industry and see a photo you really like, again, just ask who took it. Providers will often give a shoutout to who took the photos, too, so keep your eye out. You can also tweet asking for suggestions from your fellow providers.

Use Google

Yep, Google works well for finding escort photographers, too. Try doing a search for “escort photographer” and your city name and see what comes up. Many photographers also go on tour, so if there is a photographer you really like but they’re not in your area, try reaching out to see if they’ll be traveling to your city in the future. You can also try searching for “boudoir photographer”, “erotic photographer”, and “adult photographer” too.

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