How to get traffic to your escort website

So you’ve got a great looking escort website online, you’ve posted your phone number and email address, now it’s just time to sit back and wait… check your email account… and wait… check your voicemails… and wait… Nothing happening? Don’t worry you’re not alone and there’s a very good reason you’re getting no enquiries, let me explain.

I liken it to building a bridge. If you built a fine, sturdy bridge over a river that did not connect to a road on either side, would you expect people to cross it? Of course not, no one knows it exists and the only way someone will find it is if they are travelling off-road and stumble upon it. So your website is sitting in the expanse of the virtual world with no roads connecting to it and will only be found if by some chance someones travelling off-google and types it directly into their browser. What are the chances of that happening? Unless you’re lucky enough to own it is not likely to happen very often and the chances that one of these off-googlers would then be interested in your services and contact you is even less.

The worst part about being a bridge with no roads connecting is that Google will even have trouble finding you! This means you won’t show up in the google search results at all.

How do you build the roads that are going to bring you real traffic? On the internet, the roads are called “links” and they are the way that serious traffic is able to find your site. Basically a link is a word, group of words, or image that when you click on it, takes you to some other point of the internet. If you are reading this article you probably clicked on our link in google to find, they are everywhere and used by anyone surfing the web. Here is a >link< that points you to my twitter page ;)

“Ok, I think I understand what a link is (I’m not that dumb) but how do I get one to point at my site?” This is the beauty of the internet, people are giving away links left, right and centre (usually in exchange for a link from your site to theirs). The place I tell all our customers to start is in escort directories, these sites get huge traffic from people who are looking for escorts so it is the perfect place to have your link. Just google “escort directory” then look over some of the directories and you’re bound to find a bunch that offer free listings in exchange for a link from your site.

Now rinse, and repeat. Pretty soon you should be able to get 5 or 10 directory listings for free, this should bring through a nice stream of traffic and hopefully get that phone ringing and email inbox full!

Remember to be patient though, although you can do a lot instantly on the computer, successful marketing is not one of them. Take your time, keep chipping away at those roads and pretty soon you should start to see some traffic crossing your fine bridge!

(Need to track how many visitors cross your bridge? Learn how to track traffic here)

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