How To Market Your Escort Site

That’s the million dollar question I’ve been answering on this blog the past few years. Here’s a bunch of things that will bring you results with some patience and persistence. Telling you it won’t happen overnight isn’t sexy and won’t help me sell you a get-rich-quick ebook but it’s the reality.

Start with some easy traffic. Get yourself some free or paid listings on the best escort directories and classifieds.

If you’re a forum junky, link to your site in your signature and let that big mouth of yours draw in some visitors.

Start your SEO early. I’ve got clients who get 1000’s of hits every month for the most competitive keywords because they started early and gradually built up their links. Don’t be impatient about when your escort site will be in Google. Before signing your life away, apply my screening tool to any ‘escort SEO’ companies.

Links. Links. Links. More links, means more traffic and better search engine rankings. Would you like me to repeat that again? Here’s how you add links to your site. Find some link partners to trade with, track everything with pretty spreadsheets and proposition in a way that will get you action every time!

Google now likes displaying maps with local information when you search ‘*city-name* escorts’. That means you’d better get into the top of those results with Google places.

Ask for help from us or from your peers in the forum.

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