How to Pick an Adult Entertainer Name

If you’re just starting out in the industry, or thinking about changing up your image a bit, you may be wondering exactly how to pick an adult entertainer name. Don’t just pull a name out of a hat! Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect stage name for you.

Pick Something Meaningful

Like your regular name, you’re going to be using your adult entertainer name a lot. And you need to be comfortable answering to it and giving it to clients. Picking a name that has meaning to you will make you more comfortable and make the name feel more natural to you.

Maybe it’s your favorite character from your favorite book or movie. Or maybe it’s the name of someone from your personal life who you admire. Whatever the backstory, find a name that has a deeper meaning for you.

Find a Name That Reflects Your Niche

Like we’ve talked about in creating your escort brand, everything related to your business should reflect your niche. If you’re a dominatrix, think about fierce-sounding names that reflect your darker nature. If you’re a sensual masseuse, think of softer names that reflect your gentle demeanor.

Chose a Unique Name

Here’s a scenario where popular isn’t always good. Take a look at our top escort names and consider skipping the names on this list. If you pick a name that’s already been used many times, you risk being lost in the crowd. If there are 10 other Lexi’s in your area, how will a potential client know which Lexi is you if he googles your name? Or what if there’s another Diamond already dancing in your club? Picking a unique name will make you easier to find.

Before you settle on a name, try googling it and your area (like “Lexi New York Escort”) to see what results come up. If you see a ton of results, it might be best to pick a different moniker.

Don’t Go Too Unique

Don’t go too far when choosing your adult entertainer name. If your name is really hard to spell or pronounce, potential clients may still have trouble finding you since they may have difficulty remembering how to spell your name. It’ll also get old really fast explaining over and over how to pronounce your name.

Skip Trademarked Names

While it may be tempting to add a bit of richness to your image by picking a name like Lexus, it can also cause you problems in the long run. Again, if a client goes to google your name, there are going to be a lot of results that come up before you. Plus, if you start getting some recognition, you may run across Trademark issues.

When you do go to decide on your adult entertainer name, try it out for a few days before you make the big decision. Maybe ask a few friends to call you that name for a day or two to see how it feels. Or practice introducing yourself with that name. If it feels wrong, give another name a try.

If you loved one of our top 10 escort names but want to find something a little less common, stay tuned for our upcoming post on alternatives to popular escort names.

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