How to Pick the Perfect Escort Domain Name

One of the VIP perks of signing up for a Premium escort website is choosing your own domain name. But when it comes time to actually choose one, you might be stumped. Picking a bad url can hurt your ranking in search engines and make it hard for admirers to find you. Here are our best tips for helping you pick the the perfect escort domain name.

Use Your Working Name

If you’re well known by your working name and want admirers to find you by Googling it, consider using it in your url. Something like is easy to remember and can help your working name come up more frequently in search. But if you use different working names for different venues (say you use one name for cams and one name for erotic massage), make sure you use the same name on your site as you list in your url so you don’t confuse potential admirers.

Make it Unique

Is your working name similar to someone famous? Or is it one of the top 10 escort names? Then you might not want to use it in your domain name. Google the url you’re considering and see what comes up. If there’s already a lot of search results that sound similar, pick something else. If it’s too similar or the same as someone famous, you risk getting sued. And if it’s something that’s commonly used, you risk your admirers getting confused when they try to find you.

Pick the Right Keywords

Just like the copy on your site, Google looks at your domain when it’s ranking you for keywords, so including your top keywords in your url can help you rank higher. When thinking of your escort domain name, think about the keywords you might want to include. Are you a BBW? Do you provide a GFE? Try something like or Your location is another keyword you can also consider. or can help you rank for your city name.

Keep It Short & Simple

Even though keywords are important, don’t make the mistake of trying to stuff in as many as possible. A short and sweet url looks more professional, and it also makes you easier to find. A long, awkward url is hard to remember and will increase the chance that an admirer types it wrong or doesn’t remember it and never finds your website.

Skip the Numbers, Hyphens & Weird Characters

Similarly to length, numbers, hyphens, and other characters can make your url hard to remember. If you tell an admirer in passing to book with you again on, they might remember the date incorrectly. Or if you have a number in the url, they might not know if they need to use the numeral or spell it out. And something like may seem cute and clever, but what if an admirer thinks it’s actually


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