How to Protect the Content on Your Escort Website

After you’ve put in your valuable time and energy to create a killer escort website, the last thing you want is to find your photos, blog posts, or sexy copy on someone else’s website. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to deter content thieves without much effort. Keep reading to find out how to protect the content on your escort website.

Disable Right-Click on Your Photos

One easy way to discourage people from stealing your photos is to disable right-click. When this is turned off, you’re no longer able to right-click on your photo and copy it. To automatically turn this off on all of the photos on your site, log into your Site Builder and go to your General tab under Settings. There you’ll see a toggle switch next to “Disable Right-Click”. Simply flick on the toggle to turn it on.


Add a Watermark to your Photos

Unfortunately, disabling right-click won’t keep people from taking screenshots of your photos. But adding your own unique watermark will make it much more difficult for someone else to pass of your photos as their own. Here’s a previous tutorial we did on how to watermark your escort photos.

Google Yourself

Photos aren’t the only thing content thieves can steal. Your blog posts and site copy are also at risk. A quick way to scour the web for your copy is to Google it. Simply copy and paste chunks of your text within  quotes (” “) and see what comes up. You’ll find your website, but if you see any other sites come up, you can then easily check to see if they’re using your content without permission.

Upgrade Your Privacy Settings

One great way to protect your content — and your privacy! — is to upgrade the privacy settings on your Escort Design website. We’ve added built-in settings to lock up your photos, videos, and even your site pages for verified admirers only. This will ensure the only people seeing your content are serious admirers who are interested in learning more about you, not time-wasters and content stealers. Find out more about our built-in privacy settings here.

We hope these tips help you keep your content more secure. Tell us: How do you protect the content on your escort website?

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