How To Protect Your Escort Site's Content

Sad but true. Photos and text you post onto escort directories and your website may be a target. If those photos were then used in a bait and switch, that could make it harder for you to drum up real business.

There are copyright laws across the globe to protect you from this behaviour. If you’ve had content stolen from your escort site, it may be worth reading the laws in Canada, the US or the country you are based.

Here are a few simple steps that will help protect your site’s content:

Disable Right Click
Although there are ways around this to access your site’s photos, it will help stop those that aren’t very good with computers stealing from you. Log in to your account and head over to site settings to activate this feature:


Watermark Your Photos
Adding a watermark to photos is a technique that’s been employed by photographers for years. The idea is that your watermark contains your escort website address so would-be thieves know they can’t post them elsewhere without viewers knowing who they belong too.

If you’re getting professional photos shot, ask your photographer to add the watermark for you while she’s processing the images. There are some online tools too, picmarkr has 2 options for watermarks:



Google Yourself
It’s not just for the egotistical! If I’m considering doing business with anyone, the first thing I do is google them. It can tell you instantly about their reputation. Today we’re googling to find our stolen content though. Just paste a few sentences from your site into google between quotation marks ” ” and google will tell you if those exact words have been published elsewhere.

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