How to set up a Twitter ad for your escort profile

So far we have covered why you should absolutely be using Twitter ads, as well as the different options available. Today we are going to get into the nitty gritty of how to actually go about setting your ad up. It’s a really simple procedure and the return is great, you’ll probably find yourself setting up Twitter ads on the regular after you place your first one!

  1. Decide whether you want to promote a tweet or an account. Can’t remember what the difference is? Quite simply, a promoted tweet will appear in peoples timelines, whereas a promoted account will fall under their “who to follow” sections. Refer back to our first article
    on Twitter ads for more info about the different ad options.
  2. Select your target market. Now this is important! You need to ensure that you’re targeting
    the correct group of people so you aren’t wasting your money on clicks that won’t end up following you or making a booking. Really take your time here, as it is probably the most important step in the process. You can target according to similar accounts or keywords.
  3. Narrow things down even further. You can now target specific genders, demographics and areas. This is such a great feature, there’s no point in people from a different country
    following you, you’ll probably never get a booking out of them.
  4. Create your tweet! This is the best part as you can be pretty darn creative. If you aren’t really in the mood to get creative you can use an existing tweet, but it’s usually recommended you create a brand new tweet that is exciting and hard to ignore. If you decide to create a new tweet, all you need to do is type out a tweet like you normally would, click on the eye icon
    and then decide whether you want your tweet to be standard (it will go onto your followers timelines as usual) or promoted (click this to create an ad). And that’s that!

So simple, right?! We can’t wait to see your Twitter ads come up, make sure to retweet them and tag us so that we can see them all!

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