How to take the perfect nudie

Sometimes it’s really fun (and a great way to break the ice) to send a cheeky little nudie to a client. Not only will it pique their interest in you, but their response will absolutely boost your self confidence. Taking a great nude selfie can be difficult though, so we have put together some of our top tips:

  1. Don’t go full on naked. Well, not at first at least. Start off with a suggestion, like a little bit of cleavage and then move onto showing a little something more each time. Not only does this make your nude selfies look more classy, it also gives the person on the receiving end a chance to use their imagination, making them come back to you for more.
  2. Know your good side: Spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror, naked, getting to know your angles, which is your better side, which is your better boob and which side does your bum look best from. Once you know this, taking the perfect nudie becomes so much easier.
  3. If you’re stumped for an idea, a picture that never fails is one of just the top of the underwear that you are wearing. A little bit of lace and some bare skin always have the desired effect!
  4. If you are taking a mirror selfie, remember to clean the mirror! There is nothing worse than seeing smudges on the photo. While we’re on the topic, make sure that the background isn’t a complete mess. Make your bed, put away your piles of clothes and pack away the dishes.
  5. The best time to take a nudie is when you are feeling sexy, so go ahead and get yourself in the mood. Take a bath, read something erotic and pop on your sexiest underwear. Your confidence and mood will be evident to everyone that sees your photograph.

Remember, in the interest of your safety and reputation, try not to include your face in your nude selfies, with modern technology you never know whose hands they will end up in.

That said, go on and have fun!

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