How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Although professional photos are a must-have for your entertainer website, snapping some sexy selfies for your free photo galleries is a quick and easy way to introduce yourself to your admirers. But there’s a big difference between a selfie you’d post on Facebook and one you should use on your professional website. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

Go Easy on the Filters


Okay, so playing around with Instagram is totally addictive. And adding a subtle filter to your photo can make it look nice. But try to skip the weird colors, sparkles, and effects. You don’t want your pics looking like something you’d get from a theme park in the 90s.

Skip the Graphics


The only bling in your photos should be the bling you’re wearing. Adding hearts, text, or decorative frames to your image doesn’t make you look like a professional. Adding a watermark to your images is smart, but leave the stamps and emoticons for your personal collection.

Go Solo


While it may be fun to snap a few selfies with your guy or girlfriends while you’re out at a party, stick to solo shots on your site. Your admirers just want to see you so they can imagine the experience you’ll have together. Imagining you with another guy is just going to be a buzzkill. Of course, if you’re offering duos or often work with another entertainer, that’s a different story.

Pick Flattering Angles


While it’s easy to snap a selfie, taking a flattering one can be a little tricky. Think about angles before you start snapping. If you can, reverse the view screen so you’re seeing yourself on your phone while you’re taking the shot. Is the shot looking up your nose? Are you tilting your head down too far so you can’t see your long, beautiful neck. Play around with it until you get it right.

Think About Lighting


Before you snap your selfie, make sure you’re in a spot with good lighting. Too dark or too bright and it’s just not going to look right. Just because it’s a quick snapshot doesn’t mean you can’t get it right.

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