How to use Instagram Stories Highlights to benefit your escort website

A few weeks ago, Instagram dropped one of their biggest changes of the year, a curated collection of Stories, visible on your profile under the heading “Highlights”. We’ve spoken about how Instagram Stories can boost your biz, but now with this new addition, it’s a whole new ball game! Here are 4 ways your curated highlight reel can help you secure more bookings.

  1. Show off your assets: why not do a DIY or professional photoshoot with a theme? Create a fab highlight with these and give it a fun name. A good idea, if you have over 10,000
    followers is to use the “swipe option” on the last story that will take your follower to your booking page, there’s no way anyone will turn you down after seeing your sizzling photographs.
  2. Create a how-to series of stories: a great idea would be a “how to get ready for a hot date”, there’s no doubt that your followers would enjoy seeing you get ready for a sexy night out! Make sure to add some tantalizing tidbits to captivate your audience.
  3. Show off your events: if you do quite a few appearances or events, put up a few stories building up to things and then definitely upload a few snaps of the big event so that your followers get big time FOMO and book for your next one.
  4. Highlight your reviews from clients: do you have a review section on your website? Or what about the option to leave a review on your Facebook page. Take screenshots of some of
    your best reviews and pop it onto your Instagram Stories. This will really help to reassure a potential client that may be feeling slightly hesitant.

So, what are you going to do for your first Instagram Story Highlight?

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