How to use your escort website to boost your Google ranking

You know that we are all about SEO over here at Escort Design. It is such a powerful tool that can literally take your site from meh to magnificent with a few simple tweaks. Many people overlook the importance of SEO as it seems like a mammoth task to undertake, but we urge you not to do this, you will be doing your business a huge disservice. Today we are going to show you how your blog can improve your Google ranking.

If you’re new around here and aren’t too sure what a Google ranking is, it’s pretty simple. When someone does a Google search, thousands of results pop up. Where your website is in that lineup, is your Google ranking. Of course, when you are first starting out you will be a few pages in, but if you work really hard, you will eventually make it to the first page, and maybe even number one!

The first thing to remember is that Google is more friendly towards sites that upload content regularly and consistently. If your site stays static and inactive for long periods of time, Google will start to overlook you and in the end, you will pretty much get ignored.

This new content can be anything from new images, to new blog posts and even a blog overhaul. All you really want to do is make some changes to your site to show Google that you are in fact an active account that is worth looking at.

In the same breath, you don’t want to go and post absolutely everything you can think of. You still want your uploaded content to be of great quality so that your readers still enjoy it. Google will not appreciate you posting nonsense as it doesn’t only focus on quantity but on quality as well. If you are posting spam, reposting the same things over and over again, or are using plagiarized content, Google will pick that up almost immediately and will start to skip over your site.

What this all boils down to is that you need to:

  1. Have a monthly content plan
  2. Post new content to your site regularly
  3. Be consistent with your uploads

If you can manage these three things, you will be SEO and Google ranking gold!

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