How to Write Great Escort Website Metadata

Last week we gave you a quick tutorial explaining what is escort website metadata. Now that you know what metadata is and why it’s an important part of improving your Google ranking and getting you more clients, let’s dig into how to write good escort website metadata.

How to Write a Good Title Tag

As we mentioned, your title tag is important for SEO and it’s important for letting people know what they’re looking at when your site shows up in search results. Let’s take a look at a title tag again to remind us what it is:


Your title tag should be short, simple, and include your most important keywords. For you, that might look something like “Lusty Lila – Manhattan Escort” or “BBW Lila, top Atlanta Escort”. Your location, your name, and the word “escort” are always good things to include since those are the things an admirer may be searching for when they’re looking for you. Whatever you include, keep it short — Google will cut off your title after 55-60 characters, so don’t go crazy stuffing keywords in there.

And remember, this shows up in search results, so it needs to be readable and catchy.

How to Write a Good Metadescription

Your metadescription is really important because it can mean the difference between someone clicking over to your site (and hopefully making a booking!) or moving on to someone else’s website. As you can see in the example above, the keys are the same as in the title tag: Include your important keywords, make it interesting, and keep it short (between 150-160 characters). Yours might look something like this:

Contact Lusty Lila, Atlanta’s top BBW escort. Book an erotic massage with this curvy Atlanta escort today. See my hot escort photos, book a companion now.

As you can see, we’ve included the essential keywords that you’d probably want to rank for: escort, companion, BBW, curvy. Using your top keywords, like escort, multiple times is great, as long as you can keep it natural. Google is onto tricks like keywords stuffing, so just listing the word “escort” over and over will actually hurt you, not help.

How to Edit Your Metadata on Your Escort Design Website

If you’ve created a free escort escort website with Escort Design (and we hope you have! It’s free!), we made life really easy for you and already added in some great metadata for you based off the info you entered when you signed up. But if you want to change it up (say you’ve moved or want to refine your niche a bit), here’s how:

Go to the page whose metadata you’d like to edit, then click on Advanced above the Update button.


Your metadata will magically appear. Go ahead and make any changes you’d like to make, then click the Update button.


That’s it! Your metadata will be updated instantly.

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