How Will Your Traffic Look in 2013?

What if you could skip forward 2 years in time to see how your website and business looked? Although success today may be required for your business to be alive in 2013, try stepping back and thinking about the future for a moment. Below are traffic stats for 2 websites I own. The first I’ve kept up marketing pretty consistently and the second not so much. Both sites are in the same niche with similar content, one I optimized well for search engines and kept collecting links for and the other I started with a flurry but slackened off:

Site 1: Consistent marketing over 2 years…


Site 2: Flurry of marketing at launch then nothing…


I posted a few months ago about slow and steady still winning the race, whether a business is being developed offline or online. Here’s the proof.

An online business is different to a typical offline one in many ways, most notably is the speed at which you can make changes. In a second (and for free!) you can change your website’s look with our templates but if it were an offline business and you wanted to change your decor it would cost thousands and take months. Many otherwise intelligent people see the immediacy of the internet and get fooled into thinking success will come in no time. Unfortunately for them they get a website setup, spend a bunch of cash marketing it for a month or 2 then get fed up with their lack of success.

Take a longer term view with your website and understand consistent marketing over months to years is how you’ll see increased traffic and customers. Remember the competition you’re fighting today will have probably given up in a few month’s time so you need to be your own competition. Aim for a couple of new links pointing to your site a week or a month, depending on your time constraints. Keep this up for a couple of months and you’ll see good results… Keep it up for a year and your site will be killing it (that site from graph 1 gets 3500 hits/wk from search engines alone!).

Differentiate yourself from the pack by showing patience with your online marketing – it’s not sexy but you’ll get results! None of what I did was rocket science either, all the marketing techniques I know of I share with you through this blog. You’ve got the tools freely available so what’s stopping you?

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