How Your Escort Blog Can Improve Your SEO

We hope you’ve been enjoying our little Escort SEO series. Today, we’d like to dig into another aspect of your website besides metadata that Google uses to rank you: fresh, quality content. Wondering how to show Google you’re worth looking at? Here’s how to use your escort blog to improve your Google ranking.

Google likes sites that regularly have new or updated content. Sites that stay static for long periods of time start to get overlooked and the Google spiders will start skipping over your site and start picking other escort sites over yours. This is bad, obviously, since you’d ideally like new clients to regularly find you at the top of search results for escorts in your area.

An easy way to regularly update your site is to post on your escort blog. Frequently posting will not only give your admirers something new and steamy to read, drawing them back to your home on the web, it will also show Google your site is fresh, active, and worth looking at.

But don’t fall into the trap of posting anything and everything on your blog just to have something new. Google not only focuses on quantity, but on quality. We won’t pretend to know how the Google bots knows something is good or not, but one thing they do look for is repetition on your site and plagiarism. So if you post the same content over and over again or copy posts from other sites, that’s a no-no.

Not sure what to write about on your escort blog? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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