How Your Escort Website’s Metadata Will Help You Get More Clients

We’ve talked about SEO for escort websites here and there, but today we’d thought it would be fun to really dig into one aspect of SEO: Metadata. Okay, maybe our idea of fun is not the same as yours, but here’s how improving metadata can help improve your Google ranking and get you more clients.

What is Metadata on Your Escort Website?

Metadata for each page of your site is made up of your title tag and your metadescription. What the heck are those? Your title tag shows up in two places: At the top of the browser bar when you have that page open:


And as the title of search results when your page shows up in search:


The metadescription is that short description that shows up below the title tag.

 Why is Your Escort Website Metadata Important?

Your metadata performs a couple of important tasks for you. First off, your title tag is important for SEO and helps search engines find you. Having good title tags is one step in the ladder towards getting high up in Google search results.

Your title tag also shows potential clients what they’re looking at. If someone searches for local escorts and finds you, that’s step 1. But they have to want to click on your page, right? A good, descriptive, compelling title will take them to step 2: actually clicking over to your page.

And here’s where the metadescription comes in. Again, a good, descriptive, compelling metadescription will help a potential admirer see why they should click over to your site.

Stay tuned next for tips for writing great metadata and how to easily edit it on your Escort Design website.

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