If These Guys Are So Smart, Why Can't They Tell Me What They Do?

Sound like a question you’ve asked yourself about your escort website designer or marketer? Although the internet has some complicated technology driving it, there is no reason simple language can’t be used to describe it. Unnecessarily complex words are at best the result of arrogance and at worst, a shroud used by companies to charge high prices for very little in return.

For some time I’ve been trying to keep all my talks with clients simple and buzz-word free. I try not to use words that I wouldn’t use in a face-to-face conversation. Would you prefer to speak to someone who uses phrases like “Our comprehensive escort website management interface will deliver enhanced positive returns in the form of profitability…” – or language like “our website management tool will help increase your earnings”?

Just in case you haven’t heard of us before, here’s a description of what we do (in plain English):

The product
We provide escort agencies and independents with template websites. The sites use stunning designs and are controlled by you through our website manager. The website manager has a user-friendly interface that enables you to make instant updates to your site in a few clicks.

The service
We have spent countless hours making the website manager simple so anyone can setup their own site with minimal help from me. This frees up my time to check over our user’s sites and make suggestions. Not being snowed-under with questions about how to use our system means that I respond to most of your emails within the hour (unless I’m asleep of course!).

The pricing
Our escort sites are paid for month-to-month at an affordable cost and you won’t pay a cent before you are satisfied, thanks to our 30 day free trials.
Your subscription to our service can be cancelled at any time.

The future
Having all our customers paying month-t0-month is a great reminder that we need to continually add value for them. This is done through constant updates of the website manager and template designs. The past month alone has seen an update of the payment system to provide you with proper invoices, a new photo-viewer that makes it easier for clients to flick through your gallery and 2 new template designs.

Next time your service provider answers your question with technobabble, ask yourself what they are trying to hide. Managing your own escort site has never been easier, jump in and give it a shot today!

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