Important: Please Update to a Responsive Theme

To keep bringing you the best in free escort website design, we will no longer be offering our older templates. If you’re currently on one of our non-responsive designs, you’ll be able to keep your current template, but you’ll no longer be able to switch to another non-responsive theme.

Here’s why we think you’ll be happier with a responsive template:

  • The designs are fresher. Our newer templates are cleaner, modern, and well, just prettier than our older designs. We’re working hard to bring you beautifully-designed templates that look current so your site looks professional.
  • They work better. Our older designs used older code that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our new templates load faster and work better, giving you (and your admirers!) a better user experience.
  • They have fancy new features. Speaking of that old code, our older templates can’t support new features that we know you want, like blogs and photo albums.
  • They’re more mobile-friendly. Did you know that 40% of site visitors are on a mobile device and that number is growing every day? Our older templates don’t have a consistent mobile experience, unlike our responsive templates which look great and work beautifully on all mobile devices.

Read more about the benefits of using our responsive designs here. We’ll continue to bring you new template designs and roll out great new features that we know you’ll love. Stay tuned for new product announcements.

To update to one of our responsive themes, just log into your Site Builder, click on Settings and click on your Themes tab. All of our new templates are listed under Responsive Themes.


You can also change your theme by clicking on “change your theme” at the top of any of your pages.

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