Important: Update to a Responsive Theme Before April 1st

We hope you’ve noticed that we’ve really been upping our game over here at Escort Design, doing everything we can to bring you a top-of-the-line adult entertainer website that has all the features you need to run a successful business. But in order to keep it up, we need your help!

We need all of you on one of our older designs (like Bella, Mystique, or Haze) to upgrade to one of our newer, free responsive themes. Our older designs use old code that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our responsive themes load faster and work better, providing a better user experience for you and your clients. Here are a few more reasons why you’ll love being on a responsive theme:

Photo AlbumsUnlike with our older designs, with a responsive theme you can sort your escort photos in individual albums. Sweet!

Blog: Now you can directly connect with your admirers with your own adult entertainer blog.

Members’ Area: Save your best photos, content, and contact info for your VIPs with your own membership site.

Our responsive themes also feature fresher, more modern designs and they’re mobile-friendly.

In order to keep bringing you a better website and service, all Escort Design websites will need to be upgraded to a responsive theme by the end of the month. If your site hasn’t been updated, our tech team will upgrade you to a new template. You can switch between responsive themes at any time.

Here’s how to upgrade your template. Log into your Site Builder (you’ve probably noticed it recently got a fresh new look) and click on Themes on the lefthand side.


All of the themes shown on this page are our new responsive designs. Just decide on the template you like best, click the color scheme you want to use, then click the green checkmark.


Voila! You’re now on one of our latest designs and can now use all of our great features.

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  • I do not like the new designs I like the one I have, do I lose this ? and by the way I have sent at lest 5 emails asking for your help to get my site into google for myself and clients to access and still you have not helped me ???? please email me for details on how you can help from one of my emails to you PLEASE


    • Hi Sharni,

      Sorry if our responses have missed you some how. Here’s the reply we sent to your requests:

      ” It takes time before a website shows up in search engines like Google. This article on our blog explains the process further: I recommend taking a look through the Marketing section on our blog for ideas on advertising and SEO: We also have an Advertising section built into the Marketing tab in the CMS: The sites we feature there offer free listings and are great places to start building traffic to your site.
      Clients can still type your site’s url directly into their address bar to visit your site anytime.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

      Kind regards,”

      You may want to double check that the email address you’ve submitted is correct, or check to see if our responses have been redirected by a spam filter or something similar.

      The template you are currently on is already a responsive template, so it will stay the same. If you have any specific feedback on why you do not like the new designs we would be happy to hear it. Feel free to get in contact at