Independents Add A Friend To Your About Page


Independent providers are a social group, I’ll show you how to add friends to your about page. Agency templates are designed for supporting a bunch of models, with separate profile pages and the ability to select your favorite when booking. But commonly indies want to add a friend they work with.

Here’s how Avril and Mikaela’s page started out:


Awesome looking page but it’s not obvious which of the girls in the photo is which. We got the photos added by adding a piece of code to the site’s HTML:

<img src=”image-location” />

In HTML, this is the way you get an image to show up. For Avril we used a code like this:

<img src=”” />

The steps are 1) Copy your photo location and 2) Paste the code with your photo location into your page HTML

1) Getting your photo location.
Go to your gallery page, right click on a photo and select “copy image location” (the wording may be slightly different if not using firefox)

2) Pasting the code into your HTML with the image location
To access your HTML click the ‘source’ button of your page editor.

Next paste the code into the source then replace the “image-location” text with your image location.

Finally we repeated the process for Mikaela’s photo and clicked ‘update page text’:

This technique can be used to insert images into any part of your site that has HTML access.

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