Intentions Or Perceptions?

Reality consists of your intentions and the perceptions of others. Although you may like to console yourself with thoughts like ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ or ‘they got the wrong idea’, that won’t change the fact that someone else perceived your actions in a way that wasn’t intended. It may seem shallow or weak to worry about the way you’re perceived by others but apart from an omnipotent God who knows your every intention, the perceptions of others are effectively read as your intentions.

To all those who claim to be above this, you’re effectively saying you aren’t human. The placebo effect means a patient’s condition improves purely on the perceptions of a drug’s ability to heal them. If perceptions have the power to change the course of illness, are you saying it’s not important to dress well to that job interview to help show you’re worthy of the position?

Escorts are masters of perceptions. Playing a desired role in their client’s fantasy well will keep them coming back for more.

Conducting your life or business with the best intentions is worthless unless you have the ability to mold the perceptions of others to align with them.

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