Internet 101: Clearing Your Web Browser Cache

If you’ve ever made a change to your escort website then not seen it go live until a day or so later, it was probably due to your browser cache.

Your web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome etc) stores website files on your computer so that if you visit the same site again, it needn’t re-download everything. This saves bandwidth and makes web browsing quicker. The flip side is that if the website has changed since your last visit, you may be seeing an old version. In other words, the version of the site saved on your computer is outdated and you aren’t shown the ‘real’ escort site.

Obviously if you’re making updates to your site, you want to be able to see them right away. So if you suspect that your browser has stored and old version of your site and you can’t view any changes instantly there’s a simple solution. You want to delete the saved (cached) version of your site.

How you do this varies between web browsers but here’s a good breakdown on how to clear your web browser’s cache, it’ll take you less than 30 seconds, I promise: cache clearing

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