January's Huge CMS Update

Today we are proud to announce the biggest improvement to our website manager (CMS) yet! The team and I have been working round the clock to bring you the features you asked for! These features add a bunch of flexibility to your site in the typical easy-to-use Escort Design style.

Menu & Page Title Editing
Change the menu titles and headings of all your pages. Rename any of your pages, perfect if you want to title your pages in languages other than English or just didn’t like the way we titled each page!


Page Re-Ordering
Want your Gallery page to come straight after your home page? Or want to get straight to business with your bookings page showing up first? Not a problem, now you can easily drag and drop your pages to switch up the order.


Add A New Custom Page
Need another page for your site? Add 1 easily in a few seconds. The possibilities are endless, what about a schedule, calendar, wishlist, twitter feed, videos or news page?! Just tick the ‘custom’ box in the site settings area:


Then choose your title & subtitle and away you go with your new page:


Bookings/Employment/Contact Form Updates
We listened to your feedback on our generic forms, so we updated the bookings (agency) and contact (independents) forms to do a better job of screening clients. The employment form (agency) now has a photo upload field too.

bookings employment contact

If you don’t want to use the forms at all, there’s now a button to switch them off completely:


And Much More…

  • Rates Table: Don’t want to use our default rates table? Just click the hide table button.
  • About Page: The about page now turns into a blank page (without a photo) automatically if you haven’t selected a photo or model to show up.
  • Model Profile: We changed the order of the model profile content so that clients can see the photos immediately.
  • Template designs: As we roll out these updated templates, we are ironing out any design bugs they had. No stone is being left unturned.

At the moment to make use of these features you’ll need to select the ‘Elizabethan’ template for your site but we will be rolling out this update to the rest of the templates shortly. Keep an eye out for the (updated) text next to your favorite template.


In addition to all the above updates, we are gradually improving our system to speed the servers up and reduce any down time.

If you see any bugs or issues with these new improvements please let us know, we do our best but we’re not perfect (although pretty close to!).

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