Keep Track Of Your Escort Agency Bookings Easily


The latest addition to our Agency* website manager is a bookings section. Here you can login to see a detailed summary of all the bookings you’ve received. The bookings provide a record so you’ll never have to sift through your email inbox looking for a client’s details, it’s all just a click away.

Adding bookings into the website manager is something we have always wanted to do but our ideas were always too extravagant, so they got pushed down the priority list. Last week over lunch the penny finally dropped though, we could create something basic but useful then build on this with feedback from our clients. I’m excited at all the possibilities for improvements:

  • Improve the look by integrating photos of the models booked
  • Sorting/searching features to find a particular booking
  • Group bookings by model to see exactly who is most popular
  • Sync the info with a calendar to save you transferring it yourself

Having an Escort Design subscription is not just about having a great looking website, we want to make running your business easy. We spend hours coming up with ideas for improving the website manager and templates.

*Independents your bookings system is coming very shortly!

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