Linking To Your Outside Reviews


You’ve worked hard to build up your reputation and you’ve got some great reviews, time to show them to your website visitors! Here’s a quick guide on how to add a link to an outside review to your site. The technique can be used to create a link to any website once you’ve mastered it for reviews.

For independents I recommend adding the links to your ‘about’ page as it’s also the page where clients can submit their own reviews. Agencies this page works well for you too, or if you’ve got reviews specific to your models you can add it to their profile page.

The first step is to add in the text you want to be linked to your review (ie what your clients will click to get taken to your review). Next highlight that text and click the ‘link’ icon.

The linking box will then popup automatically. Here you’ll need to add the address of your review (URL) then just click OK and the text becomes linked!

Repeat the above steps for your other reviews then you might like to add excerpts from your reviews to entice clients to read them. Then click ‘update page text’ and you’re done!


Thanks for the question Mariana, I figured some other clients would find this useful too and so made a post!

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