Making the Most of Your Photo Shoot

You got some great tips from our interview with the talented Alexa from Black Lotus Photo. But, I thought it would be useful to add to her advice. Your gallery of photos is one of the most important elements of your website, so make the most of your investment with these additional tips.

Select a photographer who matches your style

You might find a photographer who takes great photos, but his or her style might not match with yours. If you appreciate more organic looking images with natural light, but the photographer you found is more into glamour and uses lighting and editing that doesn’t look as natural, it may not be the best fit. Browse through her portfolio on her website to see if you’d want similar looks before contacting her. Don’t expect photographers to bend for you if your styles don’t match. Just carry on with your search.

Plan your outfits with your poses

You know that gorgeous skirt you have with the lace that you can’t sit down (or move) in? Well, there’s probably one pose that it looks amazing in – standing up without a lot of movement to the shot. Keep this in mind when you’re selecting your outfits. Try each one on and practice your poses to discover what works best.

Bring props

Make your photo shoot fun, and your pictures will come to life! Include shots like: opening a bottle of wine, writing thoughtfully in a journal, reading a cheeky sex book while lying on the bed. It will make you look more inviting and real.

Speak up

Your photographer probably doesn’t know that you don’t like your left breast or how you look in a certain angle. If she is suggesting a pose that you know is going to show off a side of you that you’re not a fan of, then let her know. She will make plenty of suggestions for what will work with your body type, but there are some things she won’t know without you telling her. Don’t be shy! You’re paying for photos that you should be happy with, and of course the photographer wants you to be pleased with her work.


Share your photo shoot tips in the comments!

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    I would like to know where are some good places to go to when doing a photo shoot?