Mobile Escort Agency Template Tour

Come for a tour through our new mobile escort agency template. If you’re on a mobile, click here to check out the template. Otherwise, here are the pages all our agency subscribers get with their mobile sites:



The models and model profile pages are specifically designed to be simple to scroll and navigate with touch screens. The trick is to make it so browsers don’t have to scroll horizontally and the buttons are big enough for fingers to tap.


An optimized model gallery again takes advantage of simple navigation to make it easy to access for your mobile browsers.

mobile models gallery

Your rates and bookings pages are where you’ll hopefully be able to seal the deal. You’ll also notice that every page has a 1 click ‘Call Us’ button integrated. No one likes to search through a website on their mobiles just to find a contact number. This makes it simple for clients to get in touch.


The independent templates have the same design and basic layout. If you are a client of ours then your mobile website will automatically be created and any of your website visitors on mobiles will be redirected to it automatically – it couldn’t be easier!

To change your mobile title or blurb checkout my last post on the launch of these mobile templates.

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