Mobile Templates Launched!

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of our mobile template themes! The team here have been working hard to get this launched. Just jump on your iPhone or other mobile and visit your site.

The mobile templates have been switched on by default so there’s nothing you need to do to switch it on for your site. For a limited time this feature will be included free for all clients.

Here’s how the new¬† independent and agency escort templates look:


We use a redirection trick so that if a mobile users visits your site at they get redirected to (your mobile version). If clients see that your site is mobile-specific they are much more likely to spend time browsing your site.

To customize your mobile site just go to the ‘themes’ > ‘title & tagline’ area:


Here you can edit what appears on your mobile home page. I recommend using a short title that fits onto a single line (roughly 15 characters max).

Enjoy! Would love to hear any feedback you have too…

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