New Escort Website Feature: Photo Albums

If you’ve logged into your Escort Design Site Builder today, you may have noticed something awesome going on in your Gallery tab.


You now have the ability to make individual photo albums! All of your current photos have been moved into an album titled Gallery. Just click the +Add an Album button to add new albums to your escort website.

Here’s how they look live on your site with our new Paige template:


In your Site Builder, click on any individual album to edit it. Use the check boxes to decide if you want individual photos to show up on other pages of your site (1). Show and hide photos by clicking on the eye (2). And delete photos completely by clicking on the x (3). You can also change the order of the photos in your Album by dragging and dropping them.


We hope you enjoy your new albums! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Sweet Jaime

    I think they are going to be great! I have some old photo’s uploaded that I would like to move to a new album titled “Old Photo’s” but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change which album they are in. I don’t know where the old originals are now unfortunately. I would still like to suggest a thumbs up voting for the pictures. No thumbs down though. :) Thanks!