New Escort Website Setup Wizard

It’s only been a few weeks since our last website manager update but there’s an exciting addition we’ve just made. Until now your website manager has been very easy to use but gave no indication about how well setup your site was.  Our new site setup wizard now keeps track of the setup process.

On logging in, agency and *independent users will now see the wizard showing at the top of their dashboard:


This wizard contains the steps we believe to be most important in setting up your escort site. Once completing each of these your site will look amazing , be ready to accept bookings and hopefully bring in some traffic!

You can complete tasks in any order and as each task is completed, it gets ticked off automatically. This helps you visualize how much work is left to do:


I am still going over every client’s site individually and suggesting improvements they can make. The main difference with this wizard is that you can now signup for a free trial then have your website up and finished within minutes. Don’t believe me? Take the challenge today!

Our focus purely on escort websites has enabled us to make a website manager that anyone can use. Before adding any feature we first ask ourselves whether it will either make the system easier to use or provide huge benefit to our users. Being picky in this way has kept us from over-complicating our sytem and this is something our users rave about.

The wizard is switched on  by default for new users but it can be toggled on/off by all users in their site settings area:


*The independents will see ‘Add a gallery photo’ instead of ‘Add a model profile’ but otherwise they are the same.

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